Major exhibitions:

Group Exhibitions
Summer Exhibition, MASNEDØFORT, Vordingborg, Denmark 2022
ART’M Gallery, Horsens, Denmark 2022
Art Exhibition Lolland-Falster, Ridehuset, Reventlowparken, Denmark 2021
"Den Vågne Drøm”, Davis Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark 2021
"Den Vågne Drøm”, Sophienholm, Lyngby, Denmark 2020
K2, Droninglund Kunstcenter, Droninglund, Denmark 2020
Wind von der Ostsee” Mleczny Piotr [WL4], Gdansk, Poland 2020
“Memento mori” Helligaandshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark 2019
Art Exhibition Lolland-Falster, "Figuratively speaking” Ridehuset, Reventlowparken, Denmark 2019
“Wind von der Ostsee” Alten Staatskanzelai, Munich; Ale Pfandhaus, Köln; Museum Schwarzes Ross, Hilpoltstein; Krakauer Haus und Turm, Nürnberg; Germany 2019-2020
KunstudstillingLF, Danish Artists in Oliwa, Gdansk, Poland 2018
Art Exhibition Lolland-Falster, Ridehuset, "Roads and Ways” Reventlowparken, Denmark 2018
Art Exhibition Lolland-Falster, Ridehuset, Reventlowparken, Denmark 2017
"Dialogues" K2 & Art Phönix International, Helligaandshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark 2017
CIRRUS 50 years, Farum Kulturhus, Denmark 2016
Art Exhibition Lolland-Falster, "What is neighbor doing..?"Ridehuset, Reventlowparken, Denmark 2016
Art Exhibition Lolland-Falster, "Traditions foundation?" Ridehuset, Reventlowparken, Denmark 2015
Huntenkunst, Ulft, Netherlands 2015
Mississippi, Thyholm, Denmark 2015
K2 at Copenhagen's Town Hall, Denmark 2014
NordArt 2014, International Art Exhibition, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 2014
"Strange Reality", Munkeruphus, Dronningmølle Denmark 2013
International Print Triennial Kraków - Istanbul 2013 "interfaces–istanbul", Turkey 2013
NordArt 2013, International Art Exhibition, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 2013
K2 at Copenhagen's Town Hall, Denmark 2013
In Memory of Janusz Korczak, New York - USA, Krakow 2012, Hillerød Denmark, Stockholm - Sweden, Slovenia 2013
CIRRUS at Annaborg, Hillerød Denmark 2012
"Surrealism" , Palæfløjen, Roskilde, Denmark 2012"
"Figures" Salon International de Peinture, Espace François Mitterrand, Boé, France 2008
"Angels" Marienlyst Slot, Elsinore, Denmark 2006
"Culture at a crossing" Farum Denmark 2005
"Culture at a crossing" Gallery Labirynt, Krakow, Poland 2005
ART COPENHAGEN (Gallery Pi), Copenhagen Denmark 2005
Gallery Brænderigården, Horsens, Denmark 2005
"Space of the moment" Marienlyst Slot, Elsinore, Denmark 2003
Mortensen & Markman, Copenhagen, Denmark 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007
"The Master and the Students" Gallery EL, Elblag, Poland 2002
ART COPENHAGEN (Gallery Catalpa), Copenhagen 2001, 2002
Artfair Herning (Gallery Catalpa), Herning, Denmark 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Gallery Musafällan (Gamla Väster), Malmö, Sweden 2004
The International Print and Drawing Exhibition, Silpakorn University, Thailand 2003
"Present" (Tilstede), Palæfløjen, Roskilde, Denmark 2000
International Print Triennial in Kanagawa, Japan 2001
Haugesund Kunstforening, Haugesund, Norway 2001
Filosofgangen, Odense, Denmark 1996
Gallery 108, Roskilde, Denmark 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000
Marienlyst Slot, Elsinore, 1993, 1994
JB Galerie, Frederiksberg, Denmark 1993
Imago Artis - Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark 1991
Mjällby Konstgård, Halmstad, Sweden Denmark 1991
Skovhuset, Værløse, Denmark 1990
Æglageret, Holbæk, Denmark 1989
Vestjysk Kunstforening, Gallery Ti, Tistrup, Denmark 1988
"Polish Pietà " Our Lady Church, Poznan, Poland 1986
Sixth Triennial - India, Delhi, India 1986
The Festival of Christian Culture, St Michaels Church, Sopot, Poland 1984,1985
"December'70" St Nicholas Church, Gdansk, Poland 1985
"August 80" St Michaels Church, Sopot, Poland 1984, 1985
Gdansks Moderna Konst, Turku, Finland 1985
Les Artistes de Gdansk à Paris, Paris, France 1985
Les Artistes de Gdansk à Avallon, Avallon, France 1984
"August 80" St Nicholas Church, Gdansk, Poland 1984
"Polnische Künstler Heute" Landau, Germany 1983
Junge Maler aus Gdansk, Stuttgart, Germany 1983
"Junge Generation Gdansk '82", Bremen, Germany 1982
"Portraits of Poles" Sopot, Poland 1982
Solidarnosc, Gdansk, Poland 1981
"Poland - Landscape, People, Ideology" Sopot, Poland 1981
IV Biennale Gdansk's Art, Sopot,Poland 1981
Diplom '79, Stockholm, Sweden 1980
Junge Künstler aus Polen, Leipzig, Germany 1980
Polish Art Festival, Szczecin, Poland 1980
"Diplom 79" Zacheta, Warsaw, Poland 1979

Solo Exhibition
Studio KN, Frederiksberg, Denmark, 2018
Gallery Jackiewicz, Gdansk, Poland 2014
Gallery Gamla Staden, Landskrona, Sweden 2012
Gallery Pi, Copenhagen, Denmark 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2011
Mortensen & Markman, Fuglsang, Toreby, Denmark 2010
Gallery Andersen Art, Espergærde, Denmark 2008
Gallery New Form, Trelleborg, Sweden 2008
Gallery Mocca, Charlottenlund, Denmark 2006
Gallery Catalpa, Nykøbing Falster, Denmark 1993, 2002
Udstillingsbygningen Kastet, Thisted, Denmark 1997
Gallery 68, Copenhagen, Denmark 1997, 1999
Gallery Shambala, Copenhagen, Denmark 1993, 1998
Gallery Stender, Roskilde, Denmark 1992
R. Arnold Architekturbüro, Kaiserslautern, Germany 1984
Gallery BWA, Gdansk, Poland 1983
Gallery ART, Gdansk, Poland 1981
Aleksander Kosmala
Ternehaven 43
DK 4000 Roskilde
phone: +45 28928809

It is irresistible visual and intellectual pleasure to contemplate his works and the way of his creative expression.

Throughout the years, his Old Master fascination of inter alia Dutch and Italian painters, and also of surrealist artists, has continually influenced the artist in his search for perfection of artistic expression. His creative process is under the influence of the Old Masters,
who used special, very demanding, and time-consuming painting techniques. It is based on layers created by means of laser techniques (the layer upon layer painting technique). This way of working requires patience and manual skills, too. This time-consuming technique is mastered and used freely by the artist.

Aleksander Kosmala’s artistic expression is inspired by surrealistic and metaphysical art: he creates an atmosphere out of time, but also anchored in a contemporary environment. This provokes interesting thoughts, reflections and vibrations about the youth’s condition and the increasingly faster digital developments of nowadays. The artist also focuses on existential problems. His latest paintings of 2020 are good examples of his perfectly complete surrealistic and magical contemplative space:
Nearby /2003, 2020
Building blocks /1109 / 2020
Hoisting /2201, 2020
Five vials/1212
Disappointment/705, /2020
Good evening/1402,

His art originates from the inner source of subconscious inspiration.

Surreal spaces are essential in all his works. He uses surprising associations to create a visually rich atmosphere.
All elements in his compositions are meticulously elaborated in a coherent manner.

Emptiness as reflected in his paintings is disturbing. Silence is loaded with conflicts expressed through the way of building his compositions. He shows preference for his favourite items, often transformed in still lifes: tables, empty pitchers, lamps, chairs, windows, and often repeated, scattered fragments of classic plaster sculptures. Very often, he portrays young people. However, he chooses everyday life items carefully and transforms them into poetically charged paintings, with many references to his inner world and reality.

The artist mostly uses the monochromatic greyscale, though with varied and refined colours. His recent paintings are saturated with colours. The artist uses the sfumato technique, with dominating cold and warm rich greyscales. Still, the active and passive shadows of grey also play an important role: they create picturesque spaces and atmosphere.

Compositions are built in a classical manner, with the foreground, middle ground and background. The light and shadow plan provides an important balance in all expressive works of the artist.

Kosmala`s paintings slowly open to deeper meta meanings, with very important questions being raised, such as “Where are we going to?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, “What are the driving values of youth?”, “What is the meaning of art?”, “What is the human condition in the changing environment of the contemporary technological revolution?”.

Aleksander Kosmala`s art takes a position in the detached criticism of our times, in the aftermath of rapid technological progress and its destructive influence. It especially refers to the impact of commercial developments on our life. How important are the environment and people in such circumstances?

Creation gives undoubtable importance to human life, but unstoppable consumption has a devastating impact.

Renaissance brought enlightenment to the World.

In 2020/21, the Covid-19 pandemic dominates the Globe. What is the next challenge?

By Malgorzata Basinska, Master of Arts